MBS Holding - your reliable business partner

A full range of quality commodities and services: Always the best and on time.

Next level of business approach

Over 25 years of experience in business life in all continents, MBS had a great success in all fields of activities as a very trustful and reliable partner for a bunch of companies all over the world.

Running by a professional board of directors and a great team, MBS has always a different and the best approach to all situations. MBS is always aware of  all risky possibilities and takes action before them happens. 

Client’s satisfaction is being MBS’s main focus, we always look for to take it further and better to make our client as one of our partner for a life time business relationship.

MBS believes and takes action to make good business partners. That’s why earning a client is more important than earning money. 

Why clients choose us

Not just an average holding

Today should be better than yesterday  and of course tomorrow will be better than today. MBS does all diligence to get better every single day. 

in our more than 25 years of history, each of our clients from all over the world thought us something new and different about their business culture and way of thinking.

That’s why, today we treat our clients according to those teachings and culture of business we have learned in a quarter of a century. 

Quality & Reputation

To be the best in quality, service, supplier, and dealer relationships and to sustain this reputation.


We continuously develop and improve our solutions and business models, identifying those that will differentiate us.

Superior Business Ethics

We are committed to conforming at all times to the highest ethical and legal standards.

Fairness & Confidentiality

At work and in our principles, we are a family that is motivated by what is right and fair.

Chairman's Message

As I look back on the past 26 years I feel a great sense of pride and I truly thankful to all our clients, suppliers and business partners for our success story. 

I appreciate all of them for having placed their trust and confidence in our companies over the last quarter of century. 

Meanwhile I am so grateful to all MBS employees for their high level professionalism, loyalty, strength and support that they have proven in any circumstances.

Tough market challenges that we met in our timeline transform our employees, clients and partners as a big family in MBS business history.

I wish a further long term business performance and a success story together. 

Mehmet B. Sümeroglu
Chairman of The Board