Light Steel Construction​

Warhouses, Houses and Villas

Integrates the six links of traditional construction business model “design, general contracting, professional subcontracting, building material suppliers, building material manufacturers, and fine decoration” to allow customers to save energy and reduce transaction costs. The project is fully responsible for the quality, safety, duration and cost of the project, from design to finish decoration, and to provide turnkey services for customers.

With an architectural design class A qualification design institute, it can provide a full set of solutions for housing users and project developers to ensure market usability and performance advantages of products.

Factory prefabrication, on-site hoisting and simply assemble, industrial workers with rich practical experience, high-precision installation process to ensure the reliability of house quality.


Our houses meet the needs of some regions to resist natural disasters, meeting the requirement of seismic intensity for up to 9 degrees. The fire resistance rating of exterior walls exceeds 2 hours, and that of interior walls exceeds 1 hour.


The sound reduction index of walls is greater than 50 dB, making the houses more effective in sound insulation than a 5-star hotel. Interior layout can be changed on the basis of functional requirements, so that three generations can live in one house.

Lower Cost

The Light Steel Framing Structures have the best cost/performance ratio due to the less intervention of skilled labor and the low percentage of losses of raw materials and materials during construction.

Construction Time

The construction time is less than 1/3 compared with the conventional construction.All unions from the LSF are screwed: steel/steel and steel/OSB.The steel beams have high strength and low weight, therefore it is not necessary the installation of a crane on site.


One of the greatest benefits of this method of construction is that the material is fully customizable to the client’s requirements and architectural style. This flexibility of design, as well as absolute adherence to green construction practices, means that we are expecting to be seeing many more of these light steel frame builds in the future. It is so much easier to achieve cutting-edge design with this material.


Steel is known to be the world’s most recycled product with an 80% reduced carbon footprint and is an environmentally friendly product to build with.According to research, the material is eco-conscious with an estimated 50-year durability. Easier to maintain, it is resistant to termites, fungus and other organisms. It is also incombustible, making it a safer option for homes, hospitals and schools.

Strength, Durability & Weight

steel studs are lighter and stronger than wood products (contrary to what most people think, steel studs weights 30-50% less than wood)

Energy Efficiency

Due to the high termic isolation, steel frame houses and constructions are highly energy efficient. It can be designed suitable for any kind of weather conditions.