Smart Waste Management

#1 World Leader in Smart Waste & Recycling

Bigbelly is the  #1  provider  of smart waste & recycling solutions around the  globe,  deployed across  Smart Cities,campuses, and organizations in all 50 United States and in over 50 countries worldwide.

The company was  founded in 2003  with the  goal  of transforming one  of the  least efficient  and  resource-intensive industries: waste collection. Since  then,  the  company has evolved  to  offer  a  unique and  complete solution by leveraging patented energy management technology, renewable solar  energy, and cloud-based connection.

Today, Bigbelly is a multi-purpose platform for building  smarter cities. Uniquely positioned as a public  right-of-way platform, it delivers Smart City solutions and  hosts communications infrastructure. It enables communities to beautify public spaces, increase productivity, and improve  quality of life.

MBS represents Bigbelly exclusively in Turkey market. 

Solar Powered

8 Hours daylight runs unit for 1 month.


Detects fullness level & activity.

Compacts Waste

8X Increase in average capacity by compressing the waste.


Monitors and reports fullness status to CLEAN

GPS Enabled

Eases install & fleet logistics.


Provides real-time status and data.

Additional Services & Revenues

Smart Waste & Recycling System

The core smart waste & recycling system includes smart stations on the street which communicate their status into an cloud-connected software to drive up to 80% collection reduction and cleaner space.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

The smart station form factor doubles as a sealed location to conceal a Wi-Fi hotspot in the public right-of-way. No plugs or grid power are required for instant Internet access with up to 200′ signal radius.

Location-Based Beacons

A beacon network can be deployed within a smart waste & recycling fleet to deliver location-based messages and notifications, such as neighborhood alerts, public service announcements, or local business promotions.

Urban Sensors

Placed discretely inside smart waste stations, urban intelligence sensor networks can be deployed exactly where the people are to capture data from footfall and noise, to environmental status and pollution levels.

Small Cell & Wireless Equipments

Leverage the Bigbelly platform as a multi-purpose infrastructure in dense urban areas. It can host small cell and other wireless equipment in an easy to access sidewalk location while being hidden in plain sight.

First Responder Networks

Consider the platform extended to be a cabinet-like hosting location for essential city safety networking equipment right on the street, such as separate first responder networks or emergency broadcast systems.

Cleaner Public Spaces

Clean Life by Bigbelly

Bigbelly transforms public space cleanliness and aesthetics with total waste containment - eliminating overflows, visible waste, windblown litter, and critter access. Create cleaner, greener, safer pedestrian spaces with reduced truck traffic, noise & congestion.
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Increase Productivity

Up to 90% Economy

Communities experience up to 80% collection reductions with a smart waste fleet and compaction technology. This results in decreased truck rolls, vehicle wear, and fuel consumption. Informed decision making with data and analytics enables labor to be reallocated to more meaningful projects.
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Measurable Sustainability

Easy to Measure

Introduce and measure the diversion rate of a public space recycling program. Bigbelly offers multiple streams at each station to encourage proper recycling. Reduce carbon footprint & greenhouse gas emissions with decreased fuel usage and vehicle pollution.
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Happy Cities Which Use Bigbelly - Before & After